User can review the abstract and can able to give their rating for the corresponding article.


User can view the most downloaded articles as well as most viewed articles.


User can search the articles by using article title (or) Manuscript id (or) Author / Reviewer Name

Latest News

User can update the news about our journal in the site admin.

No. of Visitors

User can easily track the number of visitors in our site.


User can view the recently updated volumes and issues of the articles.

Review Form

User can upload the review form in site admin, which can helpful for the reviewer to share their opinion about the articles.

User Type

There are three different users in our site, Author, Reviewer and editor. Author can only submit the Manuscript and view the Manuscript Status. Reviewer can submit

Pictorial Representation

In Admin Panel, Dashboard has pictorial icons that used to navigate to your desired page easily.

Notify me by E-mail and SMS

Once the Manuscript is submitted, both editor as well as the member who submit the Manuscript gets notified through E-mail and also through SMS.

Payment Method

There are two types of Payment in our site, First through PayPal In PayPal; User can change the Mode (Live/Sandbox) for testing purpose. Second through Bank transfer (upload scanned copy).

Comprehensive Site Admin Panel

The admin Panel offers you control over what you want to see on the pages, it encompasses managing static pages, adding or deleting subscription, banner etc. You have total control of the projects, users and transactions.

Reviewer List

User can see your Reviewers and get in touch through the E-mail.

Internal Communication

Editor can communicate to author as well as Reviewer and vice versa and also get notified through email.

Article Manager Settings

t encompasses the articles, managing type, categories, keywords, file size etc. You have total control of the articles.

Responsive Designs

User can view our site in all devices like tablet, mobile, desktop, laptop.

Impact Factor

User intimate the Impact factor value and Copernicus value for the corresponding year and also mention the ISSN (print and online) value.


Every User can download (or) view the article three times and subscribed user can download (or) view the article based on their plans.

Track Your Articles

Author (or) Reviewer can track their article by using their E-mail address and Manuscript Id. If they forgot the Manuscript Id, simply give their E-mail Address and we sent the Manuscript status to their E-mail address.


Referencing other related websites for the user.

Customizable Email Templates

Get custom email templates that you can send from our categorized pre-written texts

Customizable Text

Get custom message template that you send for internal communication with other users.

Assign Reviewer

Editor can assign the Manuscript to maximum 3 Reviewers and communicate with them and also notified by E-mail

Publishing Journal

Once the payment for the Journal is completed, Editor can have Permission to publish the Journal.

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